Sunday, December 9, 2007

What's the Blog Council About?

There have been a lot of posts in the blogging world about this new "Blog Council." I did a cursory review of some of the posts and find a few things quite funny. I do not quite understand the charter of the council; is it supposed to educate people how to blog (i.e. control the voice of the people) or make blogging a chore that should be on a project plan. Again, I only did a cursory review of their website so if I am completely offbase my apologies.

A couple of things just give this organization make it seem like great material for Dilbert:
a) The name "Blog Council": the name council makes it sound like this is going to be an over-reaching governing body. The beauty of blogging is it frees everyone within a corporation from any type of controls. Is ths group trying to reign that back in?
b) The mission of the council sounds way too corporate. One of the goals is "ROI". This is really concerning. It seems like the council is going to determine how to use blogs as an advertising platform. The beauty about blogging is the passion and honesty. People do not blog about things they do not feel passionate about, and once you make it an advertising platform all of that changes. "Community" will be fostered by this council. Is this yet another social network for executives. I think people are feeling social network overload.
c) One concern I think most companies have about blogging is how do I protect my internal secrets, and prevent the release of stories about employees being unhappy. For (a), I think most employees should understand what stuff they are working on which is extremely important to the organization and not shared. If not, it seems like a simple education process. For (b), I think this is a valid fear but the best fix is to make sure employees are happy. Do what you can to make sure your employees are satisfied with the workplace. If you have done all you can as an executive to ensure satisfaction, and your employees are still unhappy maybe they should look elsewhere.

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