Monday, December 17, 2007

Comcast Pricing Model

I recently moved into a new place and requested Comcast to transfer my service from one home to another. Everything went smooth, however, a week after I moved in I received a couple of ads from Direct TV, Dish, and AT&T with very cheap options to get DSL, Satellite TV, and a VOIP Phone. The satellite options were finally viable since I can face the Southern Sky from my new residence.

I did some research and I noticed I could save 50 - 70 dollars as long as I was willing to put up with the supposedly poor DSL download speeds. I decided to call Comcast and let them know I am going to cancel my service two weeks from now. The agent asked why and I said they are too expensive relative to other vendors, and within a couple of minutes she slashed my total bill by 50 bucks. I was fricken' stunned. She must have a playbook available or rather memorized when people request cancelling their coverage.

It is really disappointing that Comcast only offers a lower price when you threaten to move on. In the consumer space, transparency into pricing models is an absolute most to stay competitive and Comcast is not doing that since they pretty much monopolize the market especially in the bay area. I did a couple of searches on Google and it looks like I am not the only guy to run into this issue. Anyways, I am happy I saved 50 bucks but disappointed the way it happened.

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