Monday, December 10, 2007

Social Networking Overload

Over the last six months, I made it a point to try out every social networking app to understand what is going on in the marketplace. I wanted to understand what makes this space so interesting for people, and if it really could make my life better.

I have to admit some of the apps are just fantastic, but after six months I am burnt out. I made it a point to add people I met to facebook to keep in touch with them, and if they were professional contacts add them on linked in. Then if I would look them on twitter or friendfeed. I could have gone even further by checking jaiku, orkut, bideo, etc. Man, that is way too many URLs and there is not much "ROI". I hope there is some simplification and consolidation in the social networking space to make my life easier (ah maybe the consumer world will copy the enterprise world for once).

I have discussed this issue with several other folks and they too are feeling socially burnt.
The comics are having fun with the myriad of choices as well. I think just like everything else in life you need to do everything in moderation. Check out the strip below:

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