Sunday, December 16, 2007

Interesting Tools from Mozilla

I don't think any of the Mozilla projects except Firefox get enough press. I was browsing through their Wiki and noticed a couple of interesting projects:

a) Prism: pretty much does what gOS does for the Walmart computers and is used as the foundation for Fluid that is used on Mac OS X. I think it is becoming more and more interesting on how people are trying to make web apps seem like desktop apps from just the perspective of launching them. I think that really proves the gap between desktop and web apps is narrowing, and we are nearing the final frontier of emulating the desktop user experience (i.e. offline apps)

b) Joey: is a cool project to save people from sending text messages to themselves. You can keep snippets of web pages on another site, and access them from your mobile fun. It is pretty useful for capturing information before you go on a trip and then downloading it on your iphone. It would be great if Joey converted youtube videos to H.264 format so you can watch any interesting youtube video on your iphone.

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