Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Day of Surprises

With Christmas nearing it seems appropriate to see some very surprising bits of news. The first article that caught my attention was about people using DVRs but not fast forward through commercials. Are you kidding me? Watching a sitcom with only 18 minutes of content for 30 is a waste of time. Except of course if Apple releases a new Mac vs PC add. Extrapolate it even further and imagine people watching a football game for 3+ hours instead of a little over an hour. So on average 30 - 40% of content on TV is just extraneous and people are willing to watch it. Pretty scary stuff. I read that in the US people spend an average of 4 hours per day on TV so that means they are wasting more than an hour a day even if they have a DVR.

Another bit of news that really surprised me was about the awareness of Google Apps. I was astonished when the article said over 90% of people questioned had never heard of Google's Application Suite. The article reinforces the fact that we are living in a very unique part of the world which revolves around all things technology. I am happy to be living here and be the certain of such great innovation, but the challenge is now to take all the great things we have picked up this area of the world and pass it to the "Long Tail".

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