Friday, November 23, 2007

Where are the good podcasts?

I now have a 30 - 40 minute commute every day and need a way to pass time on the drive. I could tune into NPR, but sometimes the articles are a bit bland. I decided to give podcasts a try and went through some of the search engines, and gave iTunes a try. There are some interesting sources such as the Economist, NPR, etc but it seems like they try to focus on the basics. I think that is great, but I prefer some content with some real though provoking angle which takes a position kinduva like what the Scobleizer has been doing lately with his anger towards the Mac. I do not necessarily agree with him, I love everything Apple but it is great to get a viewpoint.

I'll keep searching for some interesting podcasts, and if anyone else knows of any please let me know.


Anne said...

I like commonwealth club, try

David Haimes said...

I am biased as I am a brit... but....the BBC has some really good stuff.

Radio4 is the best news source, I like

The Today Show

From Our Own Correspondant

The comedy appeals to me too.