Saturday, November 24, 2007

Interesting Articles on a Saturday

We spent most of the day shopping, which means I got a lot of time to browse the web with my iPhone. I am amazed there isn't a commercial of a guy with his girlfriend/wife talking about how the iPhone has made life at the mall better for both individuals.

Anyhow, there is yet another article about the OLPC initiative on the Wall Street Journal ( It is a bit disappointing the big guns: Intel and Microsoft are getting involved only when it may benefit them monetarily in the long run. However in the grand scheme of things it is great for developing nations. More choices, and more money from big name corporations in areas such as Africa and the rual parts of India/China will only benefit the people. In all honesty, I think the OLPC initiative is a great one but it is going to be very difficult to succeed. Computer costs are coming down all the time (i.e. the gOS at Wallmart selling for 200 bucks), and now who is to say an iPhone cannot be used as a machine for young kids to start browsing Wikipedia or building basic computer programs once they release the SDK. It is going to be very interesting the next few years.

I found a couple of other interesting sites/tools as well. I have stopped using as a source of information for tech news the past 2-3 months. One of my colleagues at Oracle got me hooked on and techmeme is much better than digg. Digg has become a gossip column to a certain extent. I guess that is what the user's want. It looks like has come to the rescue. The content is pretty rich in terms of coverage on technology, and the user interface is great as well. Let us see how long it holds up.

I browse the web a lot and some pages I always want to save for later. I have been using the Clipboard/Shef plug-ins with Quicksilver, or just savings pages as bookmarks but I came across the "Read It Later" plug-in on It looks pretty good so far.


Jake said...

I agree about the iPhone as shopping torture reliever. What really sucks is when you can't get a decent signal.
I'm still waiting for the in-store sports bar to open. Such a win-win for all parties involved.

Miscellaneous Thoughts said...

Totally agree. The EDGE network just kills me sometimes. I think Malls should be blanketed with free Wifi. I have no idea how they do not realize it will just bring more people to their location and may result in higher sales.

In-store sports bar would be great. Even better would be a bartender next to each cashier, and streaming video to your iPhone/PSP. The latter hopefully becomes a reality soon.

Anonymous said...

Hmm.. :(