Sunday, November 25, 2007

Keyboard Shortcuts on GMail

This has been talked about on several blogs, but I just wanted to share it with a few folks since the keyboard shortcuts are tremendously useful ( I know a lot of you will say this was supported by the GMail Macro Greasemonkey script, but I was never a heavy user of GMail until recently hence my enthusiasm.

If you notice nowadays, accessibility to common actions via keystrokes rather than mouse clicks has become a real fad. The keyboard is the easiest way to access information, and you can see tools such as Enso from, launchy, and Quick Silver trying to make things easier. Check out this presentation from the founder of

By the way anyone with Mac OS X installed, you better have Quick Silver installed. It is the one tool I installed a year ago on my macbook and it completely changes how you interact with your computer in terms of launching applications, maintaining your clipboard, etc. The Search, Firefox, Shelf, and iGTD plugins are just fantastic.

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