Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Changing Political Landscape

Over the last few days, I made up my mind to expand my knowledge beyond just tech news/gadgets. So while I was looking for podcasts I focused on getting information from the economist, meet the press, wsj, etc. In addition, rather than getting all my news from aggregators such as techmeme, and google news I started going directly to sites such as the econonomist, wsj, and wikipedia. I hope Murdoch really opens up all articles on the WSJ for free soon!

Over the weekend, I spent a lot of time understanding where things stood in the world of politics since there is going to be a historic meeting in Annapolis this week, and the democract primaries are about to get underway in 40 days or so.

It was amazing how many articles, and podcasts mentioned how candidates need to watch their words ever so closely because the internet has increased the level of accountability. Each speech a candidate makes is now on youtube, and can be used to identify candidates that "flip-flop". It is just amazing how powerful blogs, social network, and online media have become in all facets of our life.

To top things off I searched for Obama on Google and noticed how Obama supporters/detractors are leveraging Google ads / Youtube to promote their candidate.
Check out the screenshot:
I remember in prior elections, MTV would hold special events by stars such as P Diddy to raise awareness among the next generation of voters. It looks like search/online media/social networking are going to raise awareness across a much larger group of individuals.

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