Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Quick Intro

Thanks to a push from some colleagues at my prior company I started up an internal blog which gained a decent amount of traction. Awareness was raised in a relatively large organization on key happenings and a good amount of knowledge was shared.

I recently changed jobs and a lot of my former colleagues asked me to keep an external blog where I can share tidbits about new technologies I find out about. I do not pretend to have the insight of GigaOm, Scoble, or the TechCrunch folk. I just like to blog about things that interest me, and maybe a person or two will chime in when they are interested.

Now that this blog is available to anyone to read, I must put the standard disclaimer that the viewpoints expressed here are my own, and do not express the viewpoints of the corporations I have worked for or do work for currently. I think I'll need to put a formal disclaimer in the title or somewhere else, but I will figure the legal aspects later.


Jake said...

Glad to see you've taken the hint, I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts.

Philately Peanut said...

Great! I was beginning to miss your updates.

ValuePlayer said...

Great to see the master blogger back in action :-)